Battlesuit-wearing Scientist and Technical Genius


Prowess 4

Coordination 4

Strength 3

Intellect 7

Awareness 4

Willpower 4

Stamina 7

Determination 1

Initiative 8

Specialties: Techie (Business +1, Computers +1, Electronics +1), Mechanics +1, Science! Master +3


Wizardry Device 6 (Battlesuit) [Blast, Flight]

Life Support Device 6 (Cold, Breathing, Heat, Pathogens, Radiation, Toxins)

Invulnerability Device 5

Supersenses Device 1 [Radar]

Qualities: Identity (Billionaire Scientist/Technologist); Company (FutureScope Unlimited); Connections (U.S. Government); Epithet (Engineer of the Future)

Challenges: Personal (Protective of Innocents); Personal (Feels responsible for the evils of his son, Randall Montgomery); Enemy (Master Control); Social (Tends to “science/tech geek” in every situation, regardless of appropriateness)

Unspent Experience: 1


Colin Montgomery comes from a long line of heroes, geniuses, and adventurers. A prodigy with multiple masters and doctorates by his 18th birthday, Colin began inventing new ways to apply modern electronics, computers, and robotics in ways beyond the comprehension of others.

One day, while testing a new suit intended for rescue operations, Colin came across an armored car robbery being committed by two superpowered villains (Coldclaw and Burner). Through luck and clever application of his portable tractor beam, Colin subdued the two and saved the car and its crew, even going so far as to lift and carry the damaged vehicle back to the secure station it belonged in.

Thrilled at the prospect of following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Thomas Montgomery (AKA the WWII “mystery man” known as Crossbow), Colin re-designed the suit and took to the skies as -



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