Brave Universe

Keep On Truckin'
or, At Taste of Gorilla Warfare

Dateline: August 8, 1980-something.

Newly-formed Atlanta-Based Superhero team The X-traordinary Defenders are dispatched by the Department of Paranormal Justice to protect a military convoy that is transporting a top-secret cargo to a New Mexico nuclear test site to be destroyed.
This cargo is later revealed to be the planet-killing “Doomsday Device” taken from Galactic Conqueror Zargh after his defeat two months before by legendary heroes Ultraman and Elementus the Warlock. Stripped of its hyper-stabilized unununium core, the device is still considered too dangerous, and too big a temptation for other evildoers who might want to use it for their own nefarious ends.
Somehow, super-villain General Kong had discovered the convoy’s route and purpose, and the X-traordinary Defenders arrived just in time to foil his carefully-laid ambush in a “ghost town” somewhere west of Whiteface, Texas. (The town was actually built for a movie in 1966 and abandoned.)
General Kong, the mutated genius gorilla and former leader of the banana-republic of San Miguelo in Central America and his loyal army of guerilla fighters have been attempting a counter-coup since he was deposed five years ago, and the “Doomsday Device” would have been the perfect tool for extortion.
But Kong did not act alone. The Gorilla General had enlisted the aid of small-time super-villains The Blue Streak (a “speedster” more prone to pranks and petty theft than big-time crime, but willing to do anything for the right money) and the bodacious Brick House (an exotic dancer with a kick like a ton of bricks).
If that wasn’t enough, however, somehow Kong had convinced the evil Dr. Sinister, (a master of advanced physics with an advanced battle suit) to join his raiding party. Dr. Sinister is a well-known member of the infamous Legion of Doom, and it is unusual for his to join any other group. After-action analysis suggests that he would probably have taken the Doomsday Device for his own had Kong succeeded.

The X-traordinary Defenders boarded their hyper-advanced, supersonic VTOL aircraft “The Stingray”, and with the skilled piloting of The Ace of Diamonds, were soon on their way to intercept the convoy.

A Nasty Surprise

The trouble started as soon after our heroes arrived, as the unsuspecting convoy of Military HUM-V and Jeep escorts and the armored semi-trailer truck had fully entered what looked to be a sleepy town with its main street lined with parked cars. Powerful bombs hidden in the cars exploded and killed or incapacitated almost every soldier in the column. While car bombs had been used against buildings and crowds in the Middle East, they had never before been used in this way against a mobile military target. General Kong was living up to his epithet as “Master of Guerrilla Warfare”.
To be continued…

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